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Book Club

As of October 2021 we officially launched our HeForShe x UvA book club! After meeting up with our members at our first on-site event at Oosterpark for a picnic, we received a lot of enthusiasm over the prospect of a potential book club. We selected two volunteers to run the club and are kickstarting it with ‘A Thousand Splendid Suns’. The book club aims to bring like-minded people together to discuss books on gender equality, intersectionality and social justice.

Annual Report 2020-2021

Here, you can find our very first Annual Report, which summarises our main activities from the previous academic year. 

Pandam Magazine Interview

This December, our Co-Presidents were interviewed by Olga Ellinghaus about HeForShe x UvA for the Amsterdam-based Pandam magazine. In the interview, our Co-Presidents discuss the creation of our student association, the future plans of HeForShe x UvA post-corona, and why gender equality is important. The article also briefly touches on the recent sexual misconduct scandal at the UvA.

If you are interested to read the article titled “The demand for gender equality: HeForShe x UvA”, you can find the article here.



Official Recognition HeForShe x UvA

As of October 2020, we are officially recognized by the University of Amsterdam as a student association! The journey to become an association started in November 2019, when our co-founders started talking about the UN’s HeForShe movement while listening to Emma Watson’s speech on this topic for a Rhetoric class. From this discussion followed months of reflection on how to set up a student association under the HeForShe initiative, what its goals and activities would be, and how it would function. At the end of May 2020, an application was sent to the University of Amsterdam for recognition as a student association, which was accepted in October after the first Board was formed and enough members had joined the association.

This recognition kick-started our association’s activities and led to a very first introductory event being organised in November 2020. 


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