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What is the HeForShe global movement?
what is the Heforshe x Uva student association?
who is the heforshe x uva board?
the heforshe movement

HeForShe is a global solidarity movement for gender equality founded in 2014 by United Nations Women, and launched by the British actress and activist Emma Watson and the eighth UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon. The movement has been created on the belief that gender inequality is not only a women’s issue, but a human rights one. The goal of HeForShe is therefore to include individuals of all genders to unite in a path towards a more gender equal world.

In the years since HeForShe has launched, the movement has registered 3.33 million commitments for gender equality, initiated 1100 community events and sparked 1.3 billion social media conversations all over the world. Through its action kits, HeForShe has encouraged bottom-up change through individuals, students, universities, companies and civil society becoming active in involving more of the world’s population towards gender equality. Various leaders (heads of states, corporate leaders, university heads) have also pledged to participate in the HeForShe movement by creating a tangible top-down approach.

Want to read more about this global solidarity movement? Click here to access HeForShe’s official website.

the heforshe student association

HeForShe x UvA was founded in 2020 by students from the University of Amsterdam (UvA), and received recognition as an official student association in October of that same year. It is a student chapter of the global HeForShe movement, which intends to include students of different gender identities, diverse backgrounds, study programmes, origins, sexualities etc. In order to take a step towards a more gender-equal world, we organise formal as well as informal events (such as discussions, guest lectures, movie screenings…). See more about our past events here, and upcoming events here.

While our association falls under the University of Amsterdam, students from other Dutch universities are also able to join. If you are a student at an educational institution in the Netherlands, and you are interested in becoming a member of our association and be part of our community, you can sign up here. Once you are a member, you can attend our events, be part of our community, and become involved in our association!

In order to keep our association as transparent as possible, you can find the Articles of HeForShe x UvA by clicking here.

the current heforshe x uva board

The Board of HeForShe x UvA is the main face of our association and responsible for successfully managing our association and planning our events. It is made up of the following functions: 

  • President, who is the representative and main point of contact of HeForShe x UvA. 
  • Secretary, responsible for the HeForShe x UvA records, email-account and correspondences. 
  • Treasurer, who manages the finances and funds of HeForShe x UvA.
  • Communication Officer, in charge of our communication, such as our newsletter and social media accounts. 
  • Events Officer, who is responsible for organising and managing our activities and events. 

The current Board of 2021-2022 is: 


For more information on the current Board, you can head over here.