Welcome to the HeForShe x UvA website!
We are a student chapter of the HeForShe Movement created by UN Women, based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

HeforShe x UvA is a student organisation, recognised as of October 2020, as an official University of Amsterdam student association. We are also a student chapter of the United Nations’ gender equality movement, HeforShe. We stand for:

– Gender equality

– Tackling stereotypes and harmful gender norms

– An intersectional view of privilege and discrimination

– Finding solutions for existing inequalities through the sharing of experiences and discussions between students of various backgrounds and various study programmes

Throughout the year, we organise events such as discussions around gender and equality, networking events and workshops, guest lectures, movie screenings, as well as more informal get-togethers. We also regularly post on our social media about gender-related topics.

Read more about our events here.

Read more about becoming a member here.